James Hatt

Set The Thames on Fire - Ben Charles Edwards



Set The Thames on Fire
Production Company: Blonde to Black Films
Director: Ben Charles Edwards

Long Listed for 'Best Production Design' at 2016 British Independent Film Awards

‘The sets are rich in imaginative detail,’ – PHILIP KEMP – Sight & Sound

‘James Hatt’s stellar production design’ – THE GUARDIAN – PHIL HOAD

‘Production designer James Hatt’s storybook backdrops mix romance and nightmare:’ – HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

‘The production design and cinematography are exceptional.’ – RADIO TIMES – DAVID PARKINSON

‘Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s visceral nightmare imagery, Pater Greenaway’s opulent ugliness, and Alex Proyas’ oppressice cityscapes,’ – THE MANUAL

‘Visually, the film is stunning. Big hats off to the set designer… The surreal world is brought to life through the painting-like sets and great attention to detail.’ – GIGSLUTZ – NIKI ALEXANDROU

‘Visually affecting fable’ – LITTLE WHITE LIES – EWAN CAMERON

‘This is a remarkable looking piece with visuals and set design which is very reminiscent of the works of Terry Gilliam.’
‘Visually inventive world with a keen eye for detail.’ – THE LONDON ECONOMIC – LESLIE BYRON PITT

‘What is truly captivating about this film is its engrossing production design.’ – SLUG MAGAZINE – ALEX SPRINGER

‘James Hatt’s awe-inspiring, Gilliam-esque slum–steampunk production design.’ – VULTURE HOUND – PADDY COOPER

Set The Thames on Fire - Ben Charles Edwards